A New Way To Think About A Laundry Service

Green Cleaning

Laundry is picked up and returned to your home or workplace.

Green Cleaning

Clothes are separated by family member, items and color (t/shirts, jeans, blouses etc.)

Green Cleaning

All clothing is brought inside your home and placed in an area the client dictates. Who wants their fresh clean laundry to be sitting outside in the weather?

Green Cleaning

We use plant based natural laundry products.

We Are Focused On Quality Service

Welcome Kit

Every customer receives a Launderd My Way Welcome Kit with their first service!

Laundry Bag


This bag is for general laundry.

Special Attention Bag


Place stained or delicate clothes in this bag for extra attention.

Hanging Bag


Anything you would like returned to you on a hanger place in this bag.

Why Would You Have A Laundry Service?

For an average family of 4 will you spend 10 hours a week doing laundry. That is more than normal workday. What would you do with an extra 10 hours a week?

The average cost per year is $800 to do your own laundry between water, electricity to run the appliances, heat the water, laundry detergents and fabric softeners.

Home Cleaning Services

Our Story

In 2019, Anne Nowak the founder of Maids My Way, decided to expand the My Way service brand to help people with additional household chores that many of us struggle to find the time to do and still balance work and family. We manage laundry so you can manage life.

Since 2016 Anne has focused on making Maids My Way the premier residential and commercial cleaning business. The My Way brand was the brainchild if her daughter Victoria. Anne had done all the research to build a company that was specifically focused on providing exceptional quality and personalized customer service. When it came to coming up with a name for the company it was Victoria who suggested the Name Maids My Way and 3 years later Laundered My Way because after hear Anne’s vision for the companies the one thing that was always in the center of everything was to do things the way the client wanted them done. She believes that by getting to know her clients she and her team can provide services that are tailored around what their clients need. This is what lead to founding of Laundered My Way. After several clients began asking if we could help them out with laundry, we took their feedback on what they would like to see in a laundry service, went back and worked on a business model that would help families no longer have to choose between laundry and going to a child’s game.

What we came up with is a concierge laundry service that is once again focused on quality and service. Laundered My Way will not only pick up and deliver your clothes washed, dried and folded or hung but also sorted and delivered to a designated drop off point inside your home.