Possible Hidden Health Hazards in Your Home and How Thorough Cleaning will Help You Get Rid of Them

Almost 6 million households in the US alone live with some health hazards that increases the inhabitants risk for illnesses and injuries like asthma, respiratory problems, falls and even lead poisoning.

Here are some of the biggest Hidden Health Hazards that your home might have and how you can get rid of them with thorough cleaning:

  1. Mold and fungus

If you have a musty smell lingering in your house, then you likely have mold and fungus in your rugs and carpets. This can especially happen under rugs that are close to water like in the bathroom, but also in dry areas you neglect to regularly clean both over and under.

Since mold colonies develop quickly when the rug or carpet is damp, shampooing them will not be enough, so you also need to steam-clean them often with alcohol, vinegar and cleaning solution mixed with lukewarm water as well as to vacuum for mold spores.

  1. Pesticides

From time to time you will have to use an insect repellent, flea or tick shampoo, or a spray for roaches to get rid or repel the pests. However, with the use of pesticides comes the risk of dangerous chemicals, so these need to be used and stored carefully, particularly if there are children in the household. If you do need to use pesticides, make sure no one is in the house at the time and protect yourself properly while you use them.

  1. Dust mites

If you are suffering from allergies and can’t find the cause, perhaps you need to change you bedding or carpets, or at least wash them once per week to reduce the presence of dust mites that like to live and thrive in them. Additionally, there are also allergen-free beddings, so you should consider purchasing those for your home as well, especially in kid’s room.