Why Maids My Way was Started

Anne Nowak is the Founder of Maids My Way and has some very specific reasons why she decided to create the company.

As the founder of Maids My Way Inc., I became frustrated with finding a good house cleaning service.  I tried hiring an individual who cleaned houses on her own but was faced with the uncomfortable position of addressing her personally about why certain things were not done or not up to my standards.  I also never asked the right questions. “Was she licensed and bonded?” “What if she fell while cleaning my house?”  “Was I responsible?”

Then I looked at larger cleaning companies and franchise cleaners, who are more than happy to quote you over the phone but then change the price later on.  Some came to my house but never bothered to ask what was important to me.  Not to mention everything was an extra charge.  Some did rotational cleaning.  One week they would focus on thoroughly cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms and just general cleaning in the bedrooms and living areas, and two weeks later they would switch. I didn’t think this was acceptable. We live in every room in our house and each of these areas are used on a daily basis.

Then I started talking to friends, neighbors and co-workers for referrals. Everyone said the same things. “I have someone but I am not real happy with them” or “They are OK but not great.” Then a friend said to me: “With your background, why don’t you start your own business?”  I have an extensive background in business management and development, so this started me thinking.

I did an informal survey of those same families and individuals asking them what they liked or didn’t like about the services they used, and what type of services they thought it was important that a cleaning company would provide.

I also did some research about cleaning services. In one survey I found, 23% of those surveyed had used a service previously, but do not now because they either had a bad experience or that the work was not done to their expectations.

I took all this information and research and built the foundation of a company around what people really wanted in a cleaning service. Then I took it a step farther to create a company based not only on providing reliable services people wanted, but also one that exceeded their expectations.

I also decided that it was important to our customers that we use environmentally friendly products and technology. Realizing that there had to be a better way to clean and disinfect homes without subjecting families to harmful toxins and chemicals I went on a search for a responsible and safe alternative. I can’t tell you how many people I spoke with that had opted out of hiring a cleaning company because they could not find a truly “green” company and did not use products that, as one person told me, had alphabet soup on the labels. I found better ways to eliminate germs, dirt, and grime than using harsh chemicals. After all, just as important as how often your home is cleaned is what is used to clean it. Maids My Way’s commitment to using dry steam and plant based products turns your home into a clean, sanitary and eco-friendly place to live, work and play. Everything we do is designed to provide a better cleaning experience for you and your family and increased safety for people, pets and the planet. Being a green cleaning company isn’t a trend for us – it is the right way to clean and care for the families and communities we serve and do business in.

Maids My Way was designed from the ground up to be focused on customer satisfaction. This is one of the ways we’re changing the way you think about cleaning companies.