Your Home Cleaned Your Way

Houses are as different as people. So when it comes to cleaning a house, one size does not fit all.

Houses come in all sizes and shapes. With different types of appliances, different floor coverings, different numbers of kids, and different types of pets. At Maids My Way, we think each house should be cleaned according to its unique set of challenges. So for each individual client, we develop a plan that keeps your house clean and sanitary top to bottom.

Here’s how we do it.

We start with our checklist of services. It’s a complete listing of all the services a discriminating homeowner would want to have done.

When we have our first meeting with you and introduce you to the staff member who will be responsible for the cleaning of your home, we’ll go over the checklist with you. We want to be sure that every one of your individual homes’ requirements will be met, and to see if you have any special needs.  We pay attention to any item that may require particular attention, such as a prized antique, fragile items on a shelf or a distinctive type of carpeting.

We go for a total cleaning on each visit – from dusting ceiling fans and the top of your refrigerator (have you looked up there recently?) to mopping floors.  We do everything on the checklist, with no services done on a rotational basis. Every item, every time. There’s no other way to make sure your home is always clean and germ free.

The job isn’t over even when your house is thoroughly cleaned. We’ll follow up with a survey to make sure all of your needs are met and your home is cleaned to your expectations.

This is true for all our clients – from one-time real estate or property management clients to clients who have their house serviced on a regular basis.

Custom cleaning for each individual customer and their one-of-a-kind home. This is one of the ways we’re changing the way you think about cleaning companies.